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APPLE Travel Voucher

The Gift Of Travel

Thank you for your interest on Apple Travel Voucher (ATV), we are pleased to share with you more about it:-

What is ATV?

Apple Travel Voucher also known as ATV, it's one of the payment methods to the voucher holders. Voucher holders can use it to exchange any tour packages, flight tickets and hotel accommodations which organized by Apple Vacations & Conventions Sdn Bhd.

ATV can be the prizes for company annual dinner, as gifts to your clients, as incentives for your staffs or dealers and many more purposes.

**General terms & conditions will be shown on the ready-made ATV.

Validity of ATV:

Effective 12 months from date of issue

**Buyer can decide the validity of the voucher. It can be valid for 3 months, 6 months or up to 12months as maximum

Mode of payment:

- ATV will be issued upon receiving the full payment

- Cash & bank cheque are preferable


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