We know the business of travel and holiday management!

At Apple Vacations, our unique competitive advantage is derived from our experience as a leader in this everchanging world of travel since 1996, with a great network of partners and suppliers both locally and around the world. We offer dependability, superior travel experience, diversified travel products, unwavering support and commitment to our customers.

We pride ourselves with:

  • Professionalism
    Our people are certified travel professionals. Every staff undergoes extensive customer service and quality assurance training.

  • Service
    Customers are important to us and every query is attended to promptly and satisfactorily.

  • Quality
    Our tour products are known for their exclusivity with exceptional quality and value.



We look beyond the horizon to anticipate change. We are passionate about what we do to shape the next generation in holiday travel and leading the trends in travel industry.


We are creative and we love to offer new and unique ways of travelling. With a group of talented and open-minded people, great products, and customers who seek for unique vacations, we just cannot help ourselves.


We deliver what we promise, and only promise what we can deliver. We do what we say with warmth, humour, and a great deal of thought. That is why people enjoy working with us!


Travel is not just about good itinerary, great accommodation and nice meal. It is what we do for the people that counts. Simply put, we like making people happy – whether they are colleagues, customers or partners.


We aim to always exceed our goals and the expectations of our customers, our colleagues and our stakeholders. We build our human resources by providing exciting opportunities to our Applenians and by bringing new people on board, whose skills would further enhance and expand our existing strong base. We are committed to grow the travel business together with our customers.


The company’s success is attributed to the fiery passion of our two founders. This dynamic pair drives the company with their keen foresight and expertise in catering to the market needs and wants. Through their determination, they have established a unique culture in Apple Vacations, steeped in Japanese philosophy “Kaizen”, meaning continuous improvement with self-discipline, adapting to constant change and not holding on to the past. Living up to the tag-line “It’s a journey, not a destination”, the company takes pride in having a strong foundation and a proven track record in riding out the tough times.

Apple Vacations is a brand synonymous with prestige, excellence and differentiation.

Dato’ Sri Lee Ee Hoe, JP

Co-Founder, Group Executive Chairman

A tourism industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience, Leesan holds a B.A. in Economics from Tokyo International University. In 2016, he received the Best Alumni Award from the university.

He is the first recipient in the tourism industry worldwide to be bestowed the Imperial Decoration Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays by the Emperor of Japan in 2015. This is in recognition of his longstanding contributions in the development and promotion of tourism between Japan and Malaysia, as well as his bold move to lead the first tour to Japan soon after Japan’s devastating tsunami and earthquake in 2011.

Dato' Sri Koh Yock Heng

Co-Founder, Group Managing Director

Dato' Sri Koh Yock Heng, also known as Kohsan, is the Co-Founder and Group Managing Director of Apple Vacations Sdn Bhd, has played a pivotal role in the company's remarkable success. His pragmatic approach is a driving force behind his continuous pursuit of new growth opportunities, steering Apple Vacations towards global recognition as a world-class leader in the travel industry.

In addition to his role at Apple Vacations, Kohsan serves as the President of the Malaysia Cruise Industry Association (MCIA) and as the Deputy Chairman of Malaysia Chinese Tourism Association (MCTA) since 2022. His profound expertise in the tourism sector, cultivated since 1989, is complemented by a B.A. in Economics from Tokyo International University. His outstanding contributions earned him the prestigious title of Best Tourism & Travel Entrepreneur by the Asia Pacific Tourism & Travel Federation (APTTF) in 2019.

A notable aspect of Kohsan's professional journey lies in his ability to share valuable travel insights. Through interview segments and public engagements, he has offered unique perspectives on the ever-evolving landscape of travel, bringing forth a wealth of knowledge to both industry professionals and the general public.


Applenian spells of fun, youthfulness, energetic, love to travel, willingness to share, and always ready to serve!

What sets Applenians apart from their competitors is the attitude of “work hard, play hard”. They are constantly improving themselves with training programs in new technology, ticketing systems, market briefs, customer service and best practices prepared by HR department.

The sense of fellowship in Applenians drives them to work cohesively as a team while performing at their best individually. They build confidence in existing customers and inspire new ones to join them in exploring the world.

The Applenian is a corporate community of multi-nationalities like Malaysian, Singaporean, Japanese and Indonesian.


Our mission is to make Apple Vacations the preferred travel management company by delivering great value, continuous innovation and exceptional customer experience with quality-assured products and services.


At Apple Vacations, we strive to fulfill dreams, deliver happiness and enrich life through travel.