Snow is falling and winter is calling us to come. It’s never too cold to venture out into a winter wonderland with plenty of fun outdoor activities to do! Take advantage of the fluffy snow to try out the most fun and exciting activities such as sledding with adorable huskies and reindeers, snowmobiling, and skiing! Thus, Ice fishing in Hokkaido or catching King Crab in the Artic land and indulge in a hearty seafood feast is something not to be missed!

If you are op for an adventurous experience, get on board the Icebreaker Cruise at the frozen Bothnian sea of Lapland (Finland) or Hokkaido (Japan)! Experience the massive ice breaking power of the vessel and join a guided tour that will lead you from the engine room all the way up to the captain’s bridge.

Catching King Crab


Geothermal Spa


Icebreaker Cruise

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Finland | Iceland | Japan

Thrill of Riding



Most people may assume winter is only about bleak, grey skies and bone-chilling weather, but snow and ice can turn a doleful landscape into somewhere magical! The following sights are some of the most spectacular.


Mother Nature is mysterious and unpredictable, and often leaves us open-mouthed at the inexplicable manifestations of its power. In the winter, there are a few fascinating natural phenomena will be formed in specific destinations.

As winter storms rush through Tohoku's Mt. Zao in Japan, be amazed by the natural art of surrounding trees cover by snow and “transformed” into Snow Monster. Moreover, walk, run, jump and even lay on the Frozen Lake Baikal in Russia! In this magical ice kingdom, you’ll see huge icicles, hanging like sharp teethes and also amazing deep ice caves around the islands. Besides, Northern Lights offer an entrancing, dramatic, magical display with the unbelievable colours moving across the Arctic sky. The lights can be seen from Iceland, Finland, Norway and Russia.


This winter season, go beyond skiing and snowboarding to stay a night at one these majestic winter hotels. Instead of escaping the cold weather, why not embrace it and chill out in one of these luxury, unique architecture masterpieces for a truly winter experience?


Travelling in winter doesn’t mean winter sports or snowing is the only ‘fun activities’. In fact, there is a lot of unique festival or event which only happen during winter month. Take this opportunity travel with us so that you will not miss out any of the amazing festivals.


1) Bibai Snow Land in Hokkaido
2) Feeding Wildcat Norway
3) Glacier Express in Switzerland
4) Nordic Crab Safari
5) Snow Town in China – Snow Village
6) Dongbei
7) Korea Ski Experience
8) Lake Baikal - Hovercraft Experience
9) Snowmobile Experience


Whenever the cold weather swings around, our travel daydreams tend to fluctuate between in different types of vacations: Some travellers, they are envision a ski vacation or trip to a snow-covered village. While others are itching to escape the season's frigid weather, we've rounded up the best winter vacations and divide into extreme cold winter and warm winter destinations for you to dream about in next winter.