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Oita Prefecture is located in Kyushu and is famous for its rich hot spring resources. With sand, mud and water hot springs tucked away in unspoiled highlands and forests, Oita Prefecture is a place to relax the body and get in touch with nature. Besides that, seasonal blossoms and scenery, unique experiences, merrymaking festivals and satisfying meals are waiting for us to explore.

Seasonal Highlights


In Ota, you can see the early cherry blossoms, which bloom from the end of February through to early March. Oka Castle Ruins has been selected as one of "Japan’s Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots".


Kuju Flower Park: A unique flower park that contains volcanic landscapes and golden marshlands with walking trails. There are about 500 species of 5 million flowers in full bloom inside this park.


Lake Kinrin means “Golden Fish Scale”. During sunset, the scales of the fish swimming in the lake appear like a golden glitter. You also may see the beautiful reflection of mountains, buildings and trees on the lake.


For those who love Japanese onsen (hot springs), Beppu will be the hallowed vacation destination for them because Beppu has the largest volume of water discharged in western Japan.

Hell Tour – Jigoku Meguri

Unique Experiences

Sand Bath

It is a one-of-a-kind experience in which you are covered in hot sand up to your neck and allowed to sweat.

Beppu Onsen Hoyoland

It is unique with its creamy mud bath. The mud has an excellent skin beautifying effect.

Yakatabune Dinner

The 'yakatabune' is a traditional cruising boat since Edo period till today. Getting on a boat, can enjoy the river view while having dinner.


Kokonoe Yume Otsurihashi Bridge

It is the highest suspension walkway bridge in Japan at 173 meters and 390 meters long. Beyond the bridge, you can enjoy wonderful views of mountains, forest and one of Japan’s top 100 waterfalls.

Lake Kinrin

The high temperature of lake water caused by fresh water and onsen flow into the lake creates a natural phenomenon of steam rising from the surface.


It is a traditional shopping center with authentic ancestral buildings and crafts. It is also known as “Little Kyoto”. These buildings have been designated as an “Important Preservation District of Historic Buildings”.

Harajiri Falls

It is also known as “Niagara Falls of Japan” for its distinctive horseshoe shape, but these falls are much smaller.


Hita Sennen Akari

It is also known as Hita’s Lantern Festival. Thousands of lightning bamboo lanterns are lined up in Mameda Town and the Kagetsu River.

Usuki Gion Festival

A summer festival held continuously for the past 360 years. Nakatsu, Hita and Usuki hold Gion festivals on July 21st and 22nd July yearly.


Bungo beef

Bungo beef is a locally grown beef in Oita. It has a beautiful marble-white colour and mild soft texture, which is a high quality product of which Oita can be proud. You can enjoy Bungo beef with barbecue.


It is also known as "hell-steaming." It is an ancient cooking method that uses the hot spring steam that constantly spouts from the ground. Seasonal vegetables, fish, meat and even buns and pudding also steam via hot spring steam.

Seki-Aji and Seki Saba

Mackerel fish is the top-class premium fish in Oita. Seki-Aji and Seki-Saba are types of mackerel fish that are caught in Oita fish port. Fisherman caught through the traditional pole-and-line fishing method, so it will not damage the fish and it will be best to enjoy it as sashimi for the fresh flavor.


The bite-sized chicken tempura is a common dish that can be found throughout Oita prefecture. You can simply enjoy it with the ‘Oita’ flavor, which is mixed with ponzu sauce or mustard sauce.