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Registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995, famous for its thatched roof houses known as Gassho-zukuri which is characterized by steeply slanting roof resembling two hands joined in prayer.


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Boasting one of the finest displays of cherry blossoms in the country and a spectacular spring festival, Takayama attracts visitors from across Japan and around the world during springtime.


Take in Takayama's autumn festival and the autumn leaves in the mountains, particularly around Gujo Hachiman.


Watch ukai or cormorant fishing on the Nagara River, camp at the Tsukechi Gorge or hike through some of the most stunning mountains in Japan, including Mt. Hakusan and Mt. Norikura.


Winter in Gifu is all about snow sports, with Gujo and Takayama as the main destinations. Shirakawa-go is especially gorgeous when the traditional thatched houses are blanketed in snow.


Route 1 - From Gifu-Hashima Station

Gifu-Hashima Station is a shinkansen station located between Tokyo and Osaka, and is extremely close to the highway interchange which makes it a very convenient starting point for a road trip. Destinations that can be explored through the road trips include Chiyoho Inari Shrine, Yoro Park, Historic Sekigahara Battlegrounds, Udatsu Wall Historical District, Monet’s Pond, Gujo Hachiman, Amidaga Falls, and Hida Takayama.

Route 2 - From Central Japan International Airport

Visitors who depart from Central Japan International Airport can enjoy the abundant nature of the Japanese countryside and escape the city life's crowds and traffic jams. There are a few hidden spots that can be explored along the road trips in Gifu, for example Mosaic Tile Museum, Magome-juku, Naegi Castle Ruins, Hirayu Otaki Falls, Shinhotaka Ropeway, Okuhida Hot Spring Villages, and Rail Mountain Bike Gattan Go!!.

Route 3 - From Central Japan International Airport

Escape from the city’s crowds and enjoy the nature of the Japanese countryside. Through this route, visitors are able to visit Seki Blades, Gandate Canyon, Hida Osaka Falls, Hida Furukawa, Tanekura, Amou Prefectural Nature Park, and Shirakawa-go.


Hida Takayama Old Streets

Streets are lined with beautifully preserved Edo-style townhouses with a small watercourse. A pleasant glimpse into the history and culture of this old town.

Gujo Hachiman

A charming historic town that still preserves the traditional townscape with many historical building and original waterways from the 16th century.



Ukai Cormorant Fishing

Ukai is a 1,300 year old traditional fishing technique using tethered cormorants to catch Ayu (sweet fish). A fire hanging from a steel basket at the front of the boat attracts the fish, which are scooped up by the diving birds. The cormorant handler then pulls the cormorants in and the larger fish are disgorged from the birds' beaks.

Seki: The City of Samurai Knives

The spirit of Samurai “Bushido” has never fade away from the history of Japan. The art of greatest swordsmiths has been inherited through 780 years till now. Seki's reputation for quality knives are now prized all over the world.

Takayama Festival Float

Takayama Festival is ranked as one of Japan’s most beautiful festival. At the hall exhibits elaborately decorated floats which are several hundred years’ old and spectacular examples of Takayama’s legendary craftsmanship.



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