Travel Buddies, Green Buddies—Let’s goTravel-goGreen!


When the world grinds to a halt,
We hear birds chirping melodiously
We see fishes swimming in once polluted, murky rivers
Kuala Lumpur’s air pollution index decreased
Even dolphins are spotted in Port Dickson…
At this point in time, if you are like us, certain that travelling is life,
Then, it’s time to proactively increase and implement environmental awareness!


Starting July, APPLE MICE will be developing a series of Cuti-Cuti Malaysia itineraries based on the belief of eco-friendliness. It is especially suitable for those of you who enjoy the beauty of tourism, need incentive training with your team, and at the same time, yearn to contribute to the environment.

Green, environmentally responsible, eco-friendly and environmental-friendly, sustainable,etc., these are the important elements that APPLE MICE injects into its travel planning after careful considerations. They are not just a series of adjectives, but are values, and the spirit of APPLE MICE Eco Friendly series!


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