This Malaysian tour group was the first to visit Langkawi, after months of travel restrictions

Now that domestic tourism is open to all Malaysians, travel operators are looking forward to weathering the Covid-19 crisis.

The Langkawi Sky Bridge, one of the island’s highlights, is easily accessible by the Langkawi Cable Car.


After 107 days under the movement control order (MCO), I finally boarded a plane once again for a short flight from Subang, Selangor to Langkawi, Kedah, as a tour guide.

Despite having flown countless times over the past three decades, I can’t help but be moved by this particular journey. It never crossed my mind that a trip within Malaysia under a “new normal” environment could be such a big deal.

The airport was eerily deserted, and a strange feeling overcame me as we walked along the empty halls. Perhaps our arrival had lifted the spirits of the airport workers a little.


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