The spirited graffiti of the angels

The Nazca Lines in Peru are one of the world’s unsolved archaeological mysteries.

The Nazca Lines in Peru showing shape of a monkey.


LEGEND has it that there was once an angel who loved to draw everywhere she went. One day, she flapped her wings and descended upon Earth to explore its secrets. To celebrate her visit, she left hundreds of graffiti etched on Earth’s surface.

Despite being created more than 2,000 years ago, and having gone through countless storms and other bad weather, it is rather strange that the lines and shapes left by this “angel” have not diminished. They are still clearly visible on this rocky surface, thus leaving us to wonder how they got there. I am talking about the Nazca Lines of Peru, a Unesco World Heritage Site (since 1995) that features these interesting geoglyphs.

While the story of the angel is only a myth, it nevertheless lends a mystical sense to the Nazca Lines. Who exactly made this artwork? As I waited for my team of 15 travellers to set off to the other side of South America, I pondered over the recent succesful landing of the Chinese spacecraft Chang’e 4 on the far side of the moon. I felt like we were going on our own mission to explore the unknown.


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