Post-epidemic is Taiwan’s Leisure Farms’ Best Opportunity

Bring your kids to the classroom of nature for an invaluable lesson of life experiences.


On the morning of 9 th May 2020, many Malaysian readers of The Star, a local English newspaper with the largest circulation, saw a full-page article introducing Taiwan’s Yilan, titled “Yilan, the land of abundance”.

The article describes in detail the richness and diversity of Yilan’s farms, from farm family relations, environmental ecology, Yilan’s water quality, to the trend of leisure farms and farm kitchens.

After this article was published, the news soon spread to the Taiwan Leisure Farm circle and sparked discussions. It was mainly due to the worrying global epidemic situation at that time; the cumulative total of diagnosed COVID-19 cases reached more than 39 million people that day, and the death toll exceeded 270,000.


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