Part UNO: 11 Things To Discover In Madrid

“De Madrid al cielo” (“After Madrid, heaven”)

If you think you have covered ALL of Madrid … “ooh la la” how wrong you can be. Well I assure you there are much more to explore!

Time flies by, easily forgetting about time when you are living in one of the most vibrant city in these part of Iberian peninsula. Its as if God must have poured in his exuberance when he was weaving Madrid centuries before into the beating life it is today.

A melting pot of refined ancient culture, of arts, the greatest in sports and modern beauty. All walks of life flocks to this city to draw inspiration from it.

Well isn’t it well known of this saying …… “De Madrid al cielo” (“After Madrid, heaven”)

Let’s discover 11 more things in Madrid where Life Is Beautiful.