25 Days
Austria, Germany, Hungary


Arrive at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. If your cruise/tour package includes a group arrival transfer or if you have purchased a private arrival transfer, you will be greeted by a Uniworld representative and transferred to the ship.


Enjoy the luxury of a full day in the “Venice of theNorth,” starting with a private “Morning with the Masters” tour of the Van Gogh Museum. You’ll have the museum’s extraordinary collection all to yourself, with an art historian to show you the highlights. Afterwards, explore the delightfully quirky city with a canal ride or on foot with a local expert..

Featured Excursions: “Morning with the Masters” at the Van Gogh Museum with Amsterdam canal cruise or “Do as the Locals Do” Amsterdam walking tour.


Day 3 | COLOGNE* (BB/L/D)
You simply cannot visit Cologne without paying homage to its most well-known site, the Gothic masterpiece that serves as the city’s cathedral. A local expert will show you favorite haunts around the Old Town, introduce you to the famous local brew, and share some of the cathedral’s secrets with you.

Featured Excursion: Cologne walking discovery tour with Cologne Cathedral and Kölsch beer.

Explore: Begin your day by making use of our complimentary Nordic walking poles with a guided stroll along the river.


Experience Germany’s fabled Rheingau in one of two ways today. Take in spectacular views of the region’s famous vineyards from the perspective of an aerial cable car, or venture within an atmospheric medieval monastery and taste the Rieslings made on site. The town is best known for its narrow avenue of shops and wine bars called the Drosselgasse and its Niederwald Monument.

Featured Excursions: Choice of Rüdesheim wine village and panoramas of Niederwald Monument or Abbey Eberbach medieval monastery tour with Riesling tasting.

Back Onboard: Experience the most spectacular scenery on the Rhine later in the afternoon as you cruise past the German Corner.


Frankfurt is known as the “Mainhattan” of Europe due to its profusion of bankers and soaring skyscrapers, which coexist with the city’s traditional Old Town architecture. Experience Frankfurt’s many contrasts today by visiting Germany’s oldest museum or taking a guided “Let’s Go” bike ride.

Featured Excursions: Choice of Frankfurt “Do as the Locals Do” walking tour or Heidelberg with castle visit or Philosopher’s Walk.


After today, you may never eat a pretzel again without thinking of the town of Wertheim. You’ll meet one of Germany’s best pretzel makers, as well as the owner of a historic wine estate.

Featured Excursions: Choice of Wertheim walking tour with pretzel making and wine tasting at a private wine estate or “Let’s Go” bicycle tour from Freudenberg to Wertheim.


Your ship will dock in the charming Franconian town of Würzburg, where you can visit the extraordinary Würzburg Residence—one of the most opulent baroque palaces in Europe.

Featured Excursion: Würzburg Residence visit.

Explore: Embark on a hike to the stunning Marienberg Fortress.


Step into a fairytale version of the Middle Ages in Rothenburg as you explore the city or opt to spend a relaxing day onboard as your ship wends its way along the Main River between Kitizingen and Schweinfurt. It’s something of a truism to say that this route takes you from wine to beer, and you’ll see the transition as you sail past the cycling hotspot of Schweinfurt toward Bavaria’s famous beerbrewing center, Bamberg.

Featured Excursions: Fairytale Rothenburg.

Explore: Pedal through Schweinfurt on an afternoon bike ride.


Day 9 | BAMBERG (BB/L/D)
Your floating boutique hotel takes you to Bamberg today, a well-preserved town that offers a fascinating glimpse of medieval times. Explore the city on foot or opt to head deeper into the Franconian countryside to experience an authentic slice of rural life—including a tractor ride. Like Rome, the city is built on seven hills—but in Bamberg, a church tops each one.

Featured Excursions: Bamberg walking discovery tour and exclusive Franconian “Village Day.”


Arrive in the archetypal medieval German city of Nuremberg. Nuremberg is justifiably famous for its gingerbread and pocket watches, and it was also the site of some key moments in 20th-century history. You’ll choose between two memorable ways of exploring this exceptional city. You can hop aboard a motorcoach and “Do as the Locals Do,” or you can accompany a local expert to the city’s most important WWII sites, including the enormous Nazi Party Rally Grounds—the actual site of the Nazi Party rallies.

Featured Excursions: Choice of Nuremberg panoramic city tour with WWII rally grounds visit or Nuremberg “Do as the Locals Do.”

Onboard: This morning, head up to the top deck or find a seat with a good view—you won’t want to miss seeing the ship navigate its way through a marvel of modern engineering, the Main-Danube Canal. A formidable set of locks, 16 in all, lifts your ship to the crest of the European “continental divide.”


Today in Regensburg, you can travel through time, get a crash course on making craft beer, watch high-tech robots assemble the Ultimate Driving Machine or enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the town.

Featured Excursions: Choice of “2,000 Years in One Hour” Regensburg walking discovery tour or “From Hops Field to Beer Stein” farm visit and afternoon BMW factory visit or “Let’s Go” Regensburg hiking experience.


Day 12 | PASSAU (BB/L/D)
Just before reaching Passau, the ship will pass through the famous Schlögener Schlinge—a “gooseneck” or hairpin turn in the Danube. Located at the confluence of three rivers—the Danube, Inn and Ilz—Passau is well-known for its ornate baroque cathedral.

Featured Excursions: Choice of Passau walking discovery tour or Passau panoramic tour with mini hikes.


Named for its white church, Weissenkirchen may very well be the prettiest village in the Wachau Valley. A local expert will show you around and introduce you to some regional delicacies; later, you can stretch your legs with a vineyard hike that includes a wine tasting. Prefer to go for baroque? Visit the 900-year-old Melk Abbey and its extraordinarily opulent library.

Featured Excursions: Choice of Weissenkirchen “Village Day” with vineyard hike or Melk Abbey with library visit.

Back Onboard: This evening, see the Danube illuminated by the night sky as you cruise past Melk to Passau.


Day 14 | VIENNA (BB/L/FD)
Vienna is a cultural treasure trove revered for its art and music (and sinfully rich pastries). Experience the City of Waltzes with your choice of excursions, as well as VIP access to an extraordinary collection of art—having an opportunity to see these masterpieces in complete privacy is an extra-special treat reserved solely for Uniworld guests.

Featured Excursion: Exclusive “Morning with the Masters” at the Vienna Art History Museum and choice of Vienna city tour or “Do as the Locals Do” Vienna walking tour.

Explore: Enjoy a picture-perfect bike ride around Danube Island.


Day 15 | BUDAPEST (BB/L/D)
Called the “Queen of the Danube,” in part because of the way the city hugs the banks of the river, Budapest is an enchanting city that vibrantly mixes East and West, medieval and modern. Made up of two parts—Buda (the hills) and Pest (the flatlands)—and divided by the Danube, Hungary’s capital presents an array of architectural styles that reveal its long and varied history.

Featured Excursion: Choice of Budapest—panoramic highlights & Opera or Highstreet shopping or “Do as the Locals Do” Budapest walking tour.


Day 16 | BUDAPEST (BB/L/D)
Enjoy a day of leisure, exploring the Hungarian capital to your heart’s content. Other passengers are heading home today, but you are only halfway through your marvelous holiday.



Day 17 | BUDAPEST  (BB/L/WD)
Located on opposite sides of the Danube, Buda and Pest each has its own distinctive character and allure. Explore this dynamic and multifaceted city with your choice of excursions—you can see it from a local’s perspective on our exclusive walking tour.

Featured Excursions: Choice of Budapest—panoramic highlights & Opera or Highstreet shopping or “Do as the Locals Do” Budapest walking tour.

Back Onboard: In the evening, a special Captain’s Welcome Reception and Dinner will be prepared for you.


Welcome to Croatia! This ancient country, which has made a remarkable recovery from a brutal civil war, is noted for its beautiful countryside and thriving folk traditions, as well as simple, delicious local rustic food. You’ll dock in Vukovar, Croatia’s biggest port, at the confluence of the Danube and Vuka rivers.

Featured Excursion: Choice of Vucedol Culture Museum and lunch at a family winery or full-day tour of Osijek with exclusive home-hosted lunch.


Belgrade, the modern-day capital of Serbia, is one of Europe’s oldest cities, dating back some 7,000 years. Signs of its tumultuous history are visible everywhere, juxtaposed with the city’s vibrant modern-day present. See it all with a choice of excursions, either a city tour that visits the palace or a guided bike ride.

Featured Excursions: Choice of Belgrade city tour with visit to the Royal Grounds of Karadjordjevic Dynasty Palace or “Let’s Go” “I Bike Belgrade” tour.


Day 20 | GOLUBAC (BB/L/D)
Head ashore to explore a Paleolithic site and an extraordinarily well-preserved medieval fortress. All along the way, history lines the banks of the river. Keep an eye out for Trajan’s Plaque, which the ancient Romans erected to commemorate the road they anchored in the steep cliffs above the water, and Golubac Castle, built in the 14th century.

Featured Excursion: Lepenski Vir archaeological park and Golubac Castle.

Back Onboard: This evening’s main attraction will be the spectacular scenery along the Danube, as you cruise a stretch of gorges known as the Iron Gates.


Day 21 | VIDIN (BB/L/D)
Vidin is a port town on the Danube that once played an important role in medieval Bulgarian politics, as the great fortress Baba Vida attests. It’s your base for an unusual excursion today— a visit to the fascinating Belogradchik rock formations.

Featured Excursion: Belogradchik Red Rock Valley.

Onboard: Revel in an intriguing lecture on “Serbia Today.”


Day 22 | ROUSSE (BB/L/FD)
Bulgaria’s foremost Danube port, Rousse is sometimes called “Little Vienna” for its elegant 19th-century mansions and public buildings. You may choose to see some of the charming town after venturing to a pair of historic monasteries, or spend the day visiting two historic hill towns.

Featured Excursions: Choice of Veliko Tarnovo and Arbanassi with authentic Bulgarian lunch or Rousse “Do as the Locals Do” walking discovery tour with Ivanovo and Basarbovo monasteries. Choice of Veliko Tarnovo and Arbanassi with authentic Bulgarian lunch or Rousse “Do as the Locals Do” walking discovery tour with Ivanovo and Basarbovo monasteries.


This morning, you’ll disembark the ship in Giurgiu and drive through the countryside to Bucharest, where you’ll enjoy a panoramic city tour or walking tour in the old Lipscani district. Tonight, you’ll relax in the comfort of a luxury hotel located in the heart of the city, Romania’s capital and its cultural and economic center.

Featured Excursions: Bucharest panoramic highlights tour or Bucharest “Do as the Locals Do.”


On today’s agenda—a guided tour of the infamous Ceaușescu Mansion. Venture to the opulent former residence of Romania’s former leader Nicolae Ceaușescu, where you’ll have a guided tour. It’s been a quarter of a century since deposed Romanian president Ceaușescu and his wife Elena were executed by a firing squad on Christmas Day in 1989, but now you can roam the opulent 80-room residence where the couple once lived, situated on 3.5 acres of grounds in one of Bucharest’s most desirable neighborhoods.

Featured Excursion: Ceaușescu’s Palace: the dictator’s private mansion.

Your Call: Travel to the Sinaia Mountain Resort and Peles Castle and enjoy a Romanian lunch and Romanian sparkling wine at Azuga Rhine Cellars on a “Masterpiece Collection” experience.


Check out of your hotel this morning. If your cruise/tour package includes a group departure transfer or if you have purchased a private departure transfer, you will be transferred to Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport for your flight home.


CB/BB  Contl Breakfastf/Buffet   L  Lunch   D  Dinner   WD/FD  Welcome/Farewell Dinner

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brings your destinations onboard.

Unique, matchless, inimitable. Take your pick. The ships in our cruise collection are each one-of-a-kind statement pieces, inspired by the beauty, colors, heritage and intricate detail of the incredible destinations you’ll visit.

Our 17 award-winning ships are designed to the standards of the world’s finest boutique hotels, complete with handcrafted furniture commissioned exclusively for Uniworld, custom made fabrics and fixtures created by some of the most esteemed design houses in the world and original artwork from the likes of Picasso, Matisse and Degas.

Every room onboard is brimming with character and collectively gives each ship its own distinct personality. Take S.S. Joie de Vivre, a Super Ship inspired by the romance and charm of 20th-century Paris. Or the ultra-luxurious S.S. Beatrice, which recently earned her Super Ship title after undergoing masterful renovations, both on the inside and out. Some are bold, others serene, but each of our floating boutique hotels is unmatched.

Originality is the finest form of luxury, as they say.

finely tailored to your tastes.

Wonderful trip to Venice—Uniworld welcomed us at the airport, then whisked us off to the ship. Comfortable cabin, attentive and helpful staff, food outstanding. The local guides were great and the private tour of St. Mark’s Cathedral was so memorable. For as magical as Venice was, our time onboard was even more stunning. The liquor selection was incredible, including all of my favorites, and then some. Unsurpassed in all aspects.” – Alex, Italy on the River Countess

There’s all-inclusive, and then there is the unmatched level of inclusive luxurious amenities that only we provide. Cruise Critic Editors summed it up best when they named us the “Most All-Inclusive River Cruise Line.”

Enjoy only the finest wines with every meal—curated by our sommeliers and sourced from the world’s best vineyards in the places you’ll visit. Or relax with a top-shelf cocktail, prepared with your favorite ultra-premium liquor—there is plenty to choose from.

We stock our bars with 11 vodkas, including Grey Goose and Chopin. Choose from a collection of 28 different whiskeys and bourbons. Enjoy unique lagers, ales and stouts crafted by small specialty brewers in Europe.

Wine, dine and repeat all cruise long, with five-star-caliber meals, carefully crafted to appeal to a distinguished international palette. From breakfast to lunch to dinner, you’ll be treated to exquisite cuisine around the clock, including specially prepared Welcome and Farewell dinners.

you deserve unsurpassed luxury at every turn.

Right after stepping off your plane, a staff member will be waiting for you with a luggage cart, ready to escort you to your transportation to the ship. After your voyage comes to an end, you’ll receive the VIP experience once again, as our team takes you from the ship directly to the airline check-in desk. Life is good.

Convenience and ease are taken to new heights when you never have to worry about bringing your wallet with you.

The royal treatment isn’t merely a metaphor on your cruise. In Dürnstein, you’ll meet a real-life princess at Artstetten Castle during a small group cocktail reception, one of many Exclusive Experiences only we provide.

Stay connected across all of your devices from the top deck to your stateroom.

Keep up with your daily workout routine or try something new, with an onboard fitness center, morning yoga, wellness classes, and bicycles and Nordic walking sticks for onshore use.

The places you’ll visit make their way onboard with shows such as dance performances, local musicians and lectures by noteworthy historians.

Our butlers are trained to the same standards of excellence required by Buckingham Palace, educated under the storied tutelage of Zita Langenstein at England’s Ivor Spencer Butler School. Each assumes the role of butler 100% of the time, and doesn’t moonlight in other roles, enabling him or her to focus fully on making your cruise one to never forget.

We have a few ideas.

Service isn’t merely a hallmark of distinction on your voyage—it’s at the heart of everything we do. The world’s most exclusive boutique hotels are synonymous with service beyond compare, and as the only cruise line that also operates luxury hotels, that’s exactly what you’ll experience on a river cruise with us, thanks to the most professionally trained and tenured staff on the rivers. While other lines hire contracted workers managed by third parties, our staff and crew are all part of the Uniworld family, adhering to the same standards required by our renowned, award-winning sister brand, The Red Carnation Hotel Collection. Our homegrown approach to service shines through every aspect of your cruise, as evidenced by the many kind notes we receive.

Serve with passion.

The tiniest details often draw the brightest smiles, and initiating joyful grins is the goal for our staff and crew. But the biggest differences you may come to discover in our onboard family are the things we can’t teach them—a love of hospitality and passion for serving.

Our staff’s passion is apparent in their matchless attention to your interests, like remembering your personal drink order from day one, or venturing off the ship to surprise you with chocolates from the local candy shop you chatted about the previous evening. It’s evident when our Hotel Manager acquires hard-to-get tickets for you, for a show you mentioned you were longing to see. And it’s visible when the captain arranges an intimate dinner on the top deck, in celebration of your anniversary. We have a name for the mini moments and small niceties that take your voyage from great to grand—TINY NOTICEABLE TOUCHES.

“No request too large, no detail too small.”

so you can travel without worry.

Being mindful, well informed and prepared are essential traits of an experienced traveler, and we approach each Uniworld cruise with that same thorough care and mindset. When you travel with us, you can rest easy knowing that your plans and adventures are in the hands of a dedicated worldwide team.

Security assurance—another added inclusive on your cruise.


Dining onboard is an art, and our chefs have perfected their creative techniques over the years. Our culinary philosophy is ever evolving, designed to appeal to the discerning palette of international travelers, with a variety of traditional dishes as well as inspired contemporary flavors, delicious healthy dining options and comfort cooking.

Our distinguished culinary team brings years of experience and unsurpassed passion to the table, and goes to great lengths to use ingredients that were sourced just miles down the road from where you’re docked to create delectable dishes that mirror the finest local restaurants. When in Budapest, our chef may venture to a local market to forage for ingredients for the evening’s citrus fruit marinated roast chicken with a honey-rosemary glaze. Or in Caudebec, your server may present you with beef bourguignon and deconstructed salad niçois —a local specialty.


Food isn’t only an element of your experience. It’s a major part of who we are and how we came to be, with much of the credit given to Mrs. Bea Tollman, founder of our sister brand Red Carnation Hotel Collection, author of the highly acclaimed cookbook A Life in Food and the inspiration behind many of our meals.

Mrs. Tollman’s 60+ years of fine-dining experience and personal recipes, like Bea’s Chicken Soup or famous Honeycomb Ice Cream, are staples on our menus. Sometimes, a hearty homemade meal is exactly what you need to make mealtime a masterpiece.

For those interested in healthier dining options, our Traveling Lite menu features all of the flavor of our traditional menu, but with fewer calories. We also offer a variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, prepared just for you.

If you have a specific meal preference or desire, just ask. Our chefs will be happy to accommodate.

With every meal, you can enjoy a choice of featured fine local wines, selected by our sommelier, and grown and bottled directly in the regions you visit. Or enjoy a glass from Uniworld’s own award-winning vineyard—proudly served aboard every ship. It’s always a good time for wine onboard.

“The dinners were like dining at one of the best restaurants you have ever been to every night. Wonderful wine selections.”

led to one picture-perfect cruise collection.

Boutique hospitality, unmatched service and a dedication to going above and beyond for our guests are deep-rooted in our DNA—we’re the only cruise line to also own and operate a collection of luxury boutique hotels. Uniworld is modeled after our sister company, the five-star Red Carnation Hotels, and we’ve been able to tap into their more than 100 years of experience and bring their knowledge and expertise to the rivers.

One thing they’ve taught us? Luxury travel is best when it’s all in the family, which is why we employ our own full-time staff both onboard and onshore, and don’t outsource any elements of your cruise to third parties. When you travel with Uniworld, you know exactly what you’ll get, each and every time.

from suite to suite.

Life is extra sweet on the rivers, especially when you choose to stay in one of the ultraluxurious, graciously spacious and statement-piece suites in our floating boutique hotels. Each suite is truly a showstopper, flaunting original artwork, handcrafted furniture, Asprey and Hermès bath and body products, Savoir of England® beds, heated towel racks, your personal butler and the most spectacular balcony views of the world’s most gorgeous destinations.

Come enjoy the world’s finest accommodations in a variety of locations and don’t ever unpack—your butler would be delighted to take care of that for you.

when it was created just for you.

There are some endeavors in life that remain fond memories forever. We have a name for them on your Uniworld cruise—Exclusive Experiences. These more than 80 once-in-a lifetime opportunities are created exclusively for Uniworld guests. A tour to Prague may take you to the Estates Theatre for an insider look at the exquisite jewel-box theater, coupled with a private concert and traditional Czech refreshments. When docked in Dürnstein, you’ll be invited to an exclusive wine tasting at Nikolaihof estate, the oldest winery in Austria. And while venturing through the Netherlands, a stop in Amsterdam will offer the opportunity to enjoy a “Morning with the Masters” at the Van Gogh Museum—an intimate tour of the largest collection of Vincent’s works, without the crowds.

If extraordinary is what you’re after, you’ll be sure to enjoy our assortment of new Masterpiece Collection optional experiences. Taste cheese with a cheese affineur in Rüdesheim, tour Budapest via e-bike or enjoy a round of golf at Europe’s #1 golf resort in Passau.

A world beyond compare is just a cruise away.

personalized to your interests.

Every Uniworld voyage is unique, but we’ve gone the extra mile on several itineraries to provide you with a themed cruise that’s catered to your specific tastes. Perhaps golf is your favorite pastime, wine speaks to your soul, you’re an admirer of Jewish culture, a lover of French cuisine or believe that Christmas is absolutely the most wonderful time of the year. If so, we will help bring your vacation masterpiece to life.

Looking to get even more bespoke? Our team is happy to help you craft a completely custom experience, whether you’re interested in chartering the entire ship or wish to bring your group onboard for a private event.

It’s a cruise created just for you, because one of a kind is what we do best.


Why River Cruise and Why Uniworld


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