Malaysia to impose departure tax of between RM8 and RM150 on airline travellers from Sept 1

Cabin crew, children aged below two years as well as airline passengers transiting in Malaysia and leaving the country within 12 hours will be exempted from the levy.PHOTO: REUTERS


KUALA LUMPUR – From September, all travellers flying out of Malaysia will have to pay a departure tax of between RM8 and RM150 (S$2.65 and S$50), Malaysian media reported on Friday (Aug 2).

The Malay Mail Online website reported that the departure levy rates were set out by Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng in a ministerial order gazetted by the Malaysian government on July 31. A separate order, also dated July 31, said the departure levy will be imposed from Sept 1.

The levy imposed on travellers will depend on the destination and the class of airline flights.


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