Journey to the end of the world

Beautiful glaciers at the Patagonia National Park in Chile. — Photos: LEESAN

During Barack Obama’s tenure as the United States president (and even after his resignation), he took his whole family, including his mother-in-law, twice for a vacation at the 55°S “end of the world” Patagonia National Park.

This park has a total area of more than 1,000,000sq km of wilderness and is a world heritage park shared and maintained by Argentina and Chile. The park features high mountain forest plains, rivers, waterfalls, fjords and an ice field hinterland with a total area of 1,700 sq km.

The Argentina part of the Patagonia block accounts for two-thirds of the whole place. It is home to the world-famous El Calafate glaciers and the world’s southernmost town, Ushuaia, which then leads to the southernmost continent – both extremes of the world!

I have visited El Calafate Glacier and its petrified forest twice, and been to Ushuaia three times; each time I was in awe of the scenery.

The El Calafate Glacier’s 70m-high ice tongue is constantly pushed from the rear. This results in huge ice cubes falling from the ice tongue into the waters of the Argentino Lake. This is quite a spectacular sight to behold, although sadly, this could be happening due to global warming.

However, this phenomenon is also fast becoming a tourist attraction.


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