From ‘Omotenashi’ Springs Apple Vacations’ Success

From holidays on sunny beaches to walking amid ancient ruins and, its newest product, visiting ‘the last unchartered land on earth’ Antarctica, Apple Vacations has moved with the times in offering customers amazing travels. Innovation and customer service are pivotal to its success, Group MD Dato Sri Koh Yock Heng tells RACHAEL PHILIP.

There are many definitions for the Japanese word omotenashi. A quick substitute for the word in the English Language is hospitality. Another explanation tells us that ‘omote’ means public face, the image you wish to present to outsiders, while ‘nashi’ means nothing. Put together it implies service that is honest and from the heart.“Omotenashi is about doing things invisibly with great attention to details,” offered Group MD of Apple Vacations and Conventions Dato Sri Koh Yock Heng, fondly known as Kohsan.


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