China: Wolf or golden goose to Malaysia?

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

In today’s geopolitics, it would be the United States who seem to be terrified by the rise of China’s economic and technological power and perceive the country as a “wolfish threat”. But many other nations have a different view. To them, China is the golden goose whose citizens can bring tremendous economic benefits as tourists.

Unfortunately, our country isn’t one of these nations. Our government can’t seem to make up its mind as to whether China is a wolf to be feared or a golden goose that will lay lots of lucrative eggs for us. While Putrajaya recognises China as Malaysia’s biggest trading partner and says it wants to attract more Chinese tourists, concrete action still lags behind.
News agencies recently reported that Malaysia has expanded its Visa-on-Arrival (VOA) facilities to 13 entry points to ensure hassle-free entry for nationals from China and India, two of the fastest-growing outbound tourist markets in the world. But is doing this enough, especially since there are so many conditions to getting the VOA? I would say it is not.

One of the fastest growing inbound tourism markets in the world today is China. The Malaysia government should do more to welcome Chinese tourists as their spending power is strong and beneficial to our tourism and retail industries. Photo by Leesan.


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