The ship was so close to docking at Montevideo port in Uruguay, but were refused by the authorities.


WE were sailing back to civilization world from the southernmost tip of the world(Antarctica), bringing with us the heartfelt messages of love from the little penguins, when the captain told us that we had to be prepared to face a completely different world.

Things were not the same anymore – the world was no longer what we used to know barely 15 days earlier.

we already had some idea about what was happening around the world thanks to the internet.

This “invisible” virus has messed up our lives and we are now living in a tense world, with so many countries shutting down borders and observing lock downs and movement control orders.


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左起:台湾交通部部長 林佳龍 颁发 “2020台湾观光贡献奖” 予 蘋果旅遊 首席市场总监 黄引辉(Louis Ng)


(台北7日讯)“2020 观光节庆祝大会” 今早在拥有“台北的地标建筑”之称的圆山饭店举行,并且由总统蔡英文出席表彰,展示了台湾政府对观光业的重视,以及感谢观光业者们的贡献。

这项一年一度的 台湾观光贡献奖,是台湾旅游业的重要表彰活动。是为了表扬台湾国内外观光产业团体以及从业人员;蘋果旅遊 不胜荣幸,多次承蒙厚爱获邀出席以及荣获 “2020台湾观光贡献奖”。



值得一提的是,蘋果旅遊第十次荣获此荣誉,代表出席领奖的首席市场总监 黄引辉(Louis Ng)对此表示感谢。


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KUALA LUMPUR : Since 02/January this year, Apple B2B Team has been conducting visits to their partner agencies all over Malaysia to appreciate them and present the “2018-2019 Best Performance” awards to 22 of the partners.

Established in its 24th year now, Apple Vacations places strong emphasis in better and wider range of services for their customers. At the same time. Apple Vacations has established strategic partnerships with 265 carefully selected travel agencies. No matter where you are, you will have a nearby travel agency that provides you with the same information and and travel packages as our Apple Vacations main office in Kuala Lumpur.

Apple Vacations has always valued its partners in business. In this fast changing era, many business models have often changed with the times and the tourism industry is of no exception. If the operators of the industry can put their positive efforts together and co-operate, we believe it will bring about a pleasant result in a win-win situation.

In the past years, Apple Vacations has been hosting the “Appreciation Dinner” for its partners from all the states in Malaysia. One of the highlights of the event is to recognise the best performers of the previous year.

In the quest for innovation and embracing changes, Apple Vacations has stepped out of it usual format this year. The B2B Team has traversed north to south and east to west to bring the gifts and awards personally to the travel agencies, and convey their very best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year!


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