Call of the Kinabatangan — by Leesan

The enchanting Kinabatangan River.


A cruise along this pristine river in Sabah unveils many natural treasures for our columnist.

It’s 6am and we are all already sitting in the long boats, cruising swiftly along the Kinabatangan River in Sandakan, Sabah to explore the many secrets the area has to offer. By then, the roaring noise of the motor has completely woken us up.

We could see rare hornbills and small groups of egrets spreading their wings and taking flight in the morning sky.

Despite the swift river current due to ample rainfall, we could still see bubbles on the water surface, probably from the fishes and shrimps excited about our visit.

Normally during this travel season, most of us would have ventured abroad. But such a marvellous natural landscape right here in Malaysia is something quite captivating.


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