Apple B2B Team visited and thanked partner agencies from Malaysia



KUALA LUMPUR : Since 02/January this year, Apple B2B Team has been conducting visits to their partner agencies all over Malaysia to appreciate them and present the “2018-2019 Best Performance” awards to 22 of the partners.

Established in its 24th year now, Apple Vacations places strong emphasis in better and wider range of services for their customers. At the same time. Apple Vacations has established strategic partnerships with 265 carefully selected travel agencies. No matter where you are, you will have a nearby travel agency that provides you with the same information and and travel packages as our Apple Vacations main office in Kuala Lumpur.

Apple Vacations has always valued its partners in business. In this fast changing era, many business models have often changed with the times and the tourism industry is of no exception. If the operators of the industry can put their positive efforts together and co-operate, we believe it will bring about a pleasant result in a win-win situation.

In the past years, Apple Vacations has been hosting the “Appreciation Dinner” for its partners from all the states in Malaysia. One of the highlights of the event is to recognise the best performers of the previous year.

In the quest for innovation and embracing changes, Apple Vacations has stepped out of it usual format this year. The B2B Team has traversed north to south and east to west to bring the gifts and awards personally to the travel agencies, and convey their very best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year!


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