A True Connoisseur — by Leesan

Samarkand in Uzbekistan is where one goes to learn about ancient Asian history.

Travel and food expert Chua Lam wants people to awaken their five sensess.

The writer (left) and Hong Kong-based columnist and food critic Chua Lam have created the classic tour series, ‘Leesan and Chua Lam Premium Gourmet Tour’, an in-depth journey of food and wine. — Photos: LEESAN

There is no doubt that popular Hong Kong-based columnist, food critic and film producer Chua Lam truly loves Nanyang (Nanyang here refers to the region from China’s Yunnan province to Singapore in the south). He makes trips down south several times a year with a clear purpose – to return to familiar places, find good food and visit old friends, and to simply remember his hometown, Singapore.

The fact that Chua Lam loves coming to Nanyang is enough to crown him as the region’s ambassador. Did you know that Chua Lam has more than 10 million followers on Weibo? That’s almost a small country!


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