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On Apple Vacations’ 25th year, the pandemic had caused an obscure road ahead, but it also gave us the courage to move forward, the tenacity to survive in difficult situations, meanwhile to maintain our “shokunin” spirit.

We wish to awaken our long-buried wanderlust and we hope all our travel buddies feel the same way too: "Our travelling dream still exists!"

The road towards travelling will become clearer and clearer.

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Who would have thought that the road to travelling has become so blurred nowadays?

Stay tuned with Apple Vacations on every Monday and Tuesday, 25 well-known landmarks in the world, how many can you guess?

Join us now, attractive prizes await you!

★ Guess & Win ★

[Prizes worth up to RM8,000 for grab]
Here's how:
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    How we started

    Be sure to like and tag 3 friends in the comment session.

  • 2

    Share post

    the post and set it as ‘public’.

  • 3

    Answer all the questions

    Answer needs to be submitted via WhatsApp, and must answer all the questions to be eligible for the contest.

  • 4


    Only answers between 6 September - 30 November 2021 will be eligible.

  • 5

    How many winners?

    Total of 25 winners will be picked.

  • 6

    Randomly pick contest winners

    The winners will be selected randomly by a computer process and the decision will be final and no correspondence will be entertained.

⌛ Contest end

Submission cut off: 30 November 2021
Winner announcement: 3 December 2021

👍 Good Luck!

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Guess & Win 1

*Hint: A peeled orange shaped building

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Guess & Win 2

*Hint: Giant multi-storied houses built with wood and fortified with mud walls

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Guess & Win 3

*Hint: Iron Atom Building

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Guess & Win 4

*Hint: Top 10 most famous clocks

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Guess & Win 5

*Hint: 30 baroque-style sculptures on the bridge

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Guess & Win 6

*Hint: Most famous areas of hot springs and geysers

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Guess & Win 7

*Hint: Giant monolith

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Guess & Win 8

*Hint: More than a mountain

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Guess & Win 9

*Hint: Striking sail-shaped design building

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Guess & Win 10

*Hint: A communication and observation tower

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Guess & Win 11

*Hint: The building will be lit up with fireworks every New Year

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Guess & Win 12

*Hint: The country is famous with luxury brands like LV, Hermès, Cartier, Dior and etc.

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Guess & Win 13

*Hint: Shamoji is one of the most popular souvenirs.

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Guess & Win 14

*Hint: The otherworldly beauty of honeycombed hills and towering boulders.