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– Exclusive premium package

Vivid Sydney shines and transforms Sydney into colourful canvas of art during winter each year, as the festive warms up the city with celebration of glittering lights and rhythmical music.



  1. On board Vivid Sydney sightseeing cruises.
  2. Portside Sydney Opera House dining experience.
  3. Thrilling 4WD Drifting & Sandboarding at Port Stephen.
  4. Dolphin Watch Cruises.
  5. Medieval wineries of Verdant Hunter Valley.
  6. Verdant Hunter Valley hot air balloon ride.
  7. Stay at Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains.

✈️ Departure date: 01.06.2019

🗓️ Duration: 8 days 5 nights


RM13,999/per pax (All-in)


– Instilling the Sense of Wanderlust

“Natural Phenomenon” Witness, Mt. Storsteinen. In the world’s northernmost city, Tromsø, take a cable car up to Mt. Storsteinen viewpoint to marvel the city’s best panoramic view. Enjoy the opportunity to hunt for magical Northern Lights during winter season.



  1. Aurora Borealis at Mt. Storsteinen, Tromsø.
  2. Reindeer Sledding,Tromsø.
  3. Nordic Crab Safari, Lofoten Islands.
  4. Reine -the most beautiful place in the world, Lofoten Islands.

✈️ Departure date: 18.11.2019

🗓️ Duration: 10 days 7 nights


RM21,999/per pax (All-in)


– Chartered flight by Malaysia Airlines

Ever thought of traveling to Japan in the winter? We suggest you consider the wild island of Hokkaido. Explore the best of the Japanese winter with Owen Yap, now.



    1. Exclusive charter flight
    2. Onsen resort & ski resort accommodations
    3. Snowmobiling excursions through snowy forests
    4. Apple’s Exclusive seafood cuisine experience, prepared by the chef of Hokkaido Kita Gourmet Kitchen.

✈️ Departure date: 06.12.2019

🗓️ Duration: 6 days 4 nights


RM12,499/per pax (All-in)


– Travel with Owen Yap in this summer season

Lavender has been cultivated in Hokkaido for more than half a century. When the arrival of lower priced, imported lavender led to a decrease in demand for Hokkaido’s lavender in the 1960s and 70s, the local lavender’s main function shifted from agricultural product to tourist attraction.



  1. Shikotsu Tsuruga Resort Spa Mizu No Uta, a resort spa located at the shores of Lake Shikotsu.
  2. Enjoy an helicopter ride exclusively arranged by Apple Vacations.
  3. Savour the premium Wagyu Teppanyaki, a cuisine recommended by famous food critics, Chua Lam.
  4. Apple’s Exclusive seafood cuisine experience, prepared by the chef of Hokkaido Kita Gourmet Kitchen.

✈️ Departure date: 25.07.2019

🗓️ Duration: 7 days 5 nights


RM10,999/per pax (All-In)


Upgrade to Premium Flatbed
RM13,999/per pax (All-In)


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