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– Chartered flight by Malaysia Airlines

Perhaps sub-zero winter temperatures are not your cup of tea? Unwind with the cooling temperature of Okinawa and its calming blue seas. Explore this exotic Ryukyu Kingdom with Owen Yap now!


✨ Highlights:

    1. Okinawa World Cultural Village + Gyokusendo Cave
    2. Shurijo Castle (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
    3. Manzamo
    4. Churuami Aquarium
    5. Senaga Island (Little Greece of Okinawa)
    6. Nuchi-una Salt Factory

✈️ Departure date: 22.11.2019

📅 Duration: 6 days 4 nights


RM7,999/per pax (All-In)


– Chartered flight by Malaysia Airlines

Ever thought of traveling to Japan in the winter? We suggest you consider the wild island of Hokkaido. Explore the best of the Japanese winter with Owen Yap, now.


✨ Highlights:

    1. Exclusive charter flight
    2. Onsen resort & ski resort accommodations
    3. Snowmobiling excursions through snowy forests
    4. Apple’s Exclusive seafood cuisine experience, prepared by the chef of Hokkaido Kita Gourmet Kitchen.

✈️ Departure date: 5.12.2019

📅 Duration: 7 days 5 nights


RM12,999/per pax (All-In)


– A Heavenly Creation

Let romance in Greece overtakes you and this tour will bring the fantasy of the Aegean to life. From the ancient city of Acropolis, stroll along the beautiful beach in Mykonos, and within the golden orange sunsets of Santorini, you will experience the passion of Greece.


✨ Highlights:

    1. Upgraded Premium 4 + 5 Stars hotels
    2. 2 nights Stay in Santorini
    3. Enjoy Wine Tasting with Dinner
    4. Private Cruise to Volcano Island
    5. Visit 2 main monasteries on top of the overwhelming rock formations of Meteora

✈️ Departure date: 11.10.2019

📅 Duration: 10 days 7 nights


RM15,999/per pax (All-In)


– The Great Persian Legacy

Welcome to the friendliest country on earth. Experience the lavishly decorated Golestan Palace, step into a kaleidoscope of colour in Nasir al-Molk Mosque, or try a variety of Iranian kababs; all with your trusted travel companion. There are so much more hidden gems in Iran awaits you to discover!


✨ Highlights:

  1. Exclusive International Business Class Flight with Mahan Air
  2. 2 Domestic Flight included, save up to 17 hours of road journey
  3. 5 stars hotels arrangement
  4. Discover Iran’s most signature UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  5. Enjoy Sunset view at Shahdad Eco Camp

✈️ Departure date: 19.12.2019

📅 Duration: 9 days 6 nights


RM11,899/per pax (All-In)


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